Cows: 130 pedigree Holstein Friesian

In-calf heifers: 25-30 each year

Maiden heifers: 25

Yearling heifers: 29

Breeding: 2 cycles of A.I. Followed by Stock bull

Replacement rate: 20-23%

Milk supplied to Arrabawn Co-Op

Milk Quota: 730,000 litres



System of Milk Production:

30% winter milk, 70% spring milk.



Annual average performance levels for the dairy enterprise:

Yield per cow: 6800 litres

Butterfat %: 4.01

Protein %: 3.37

Conception to 1st heat: 55%

Infertility: 18%

Herd Calving Interval: 380

Meals/cow/year: 980 kg per cow

Stock Rate LU/ha.: 2.47

Area of farm under dairying: 42Ha.

Grazing management : 21 day paddock system

Turnout to grass: Mid Feb by day and Full time in early March

Housing: Full time from 1st December


Housing system:

Cubicle housing with central feed passage, fed with diet feeder.

Automatic hydraulic scrapers.

Overground slurry tank.



Parlour, dairy and milking equipment:

12 unit herringbone parlour.

6000 litre ice-bank tank.