Number of Ewes: 400 Cheviot / Suffolk cross

Rams: 6 Texel and 6 Charollais

Main lambing period: March - mid April (460 ewes in 2015)

Early lambing period: January (130 ewes in 2015)

Stocking rate: 9.63 ewes per hectare

Replacement rate: 25%

Target sale weight: 38-46 kg.

Lambs sold through a Producer Group


Autumn management of ewes:

Ewes are flushed in September. Rams are put in with ewes the first week in October for 5 weeks. 3 rams per 100 ewes.


Winter management of ewes:

Ewes are housed for lambing and fed on hay and concentrates. Feeding rate varies from 0.2kg for ewes with single lambs to 0.7kg for ewes with twin lambs.


Spring management of ewes and lambs:

Ewes and lambs are put out to grass 2-3 days after lambing.


Summer management of ewes and lambs:

Routine worm dosing and dipping. Ewes are scanned 60-80 days into pregnancy.