Cows: 70 Limousin X Friesian, Charolais X Friesian, Simmental X Friesian, Aberdeen Angus X Friesian.

In-calf heifers: 6 Limousin X Friesian (from dairy herd)

Maiden heifers: Limousin X Friesian from dairy herd

Bulls: 1 Charolais and 1 Limousin

Calving dates: Autumn (40%) and Spring (60%)

Normal turn-out date: mid March

Normal housing date: early to mid-November.

Feeding during housing: silage, straw and minerals with a diet feeder.

Housing: Straw bedding or slats in the suckler shed.

The cows and calves are mixed grazed with the sheep flock.

Spring-born bull calves are weaned mid-September and heifer calves are weaned a month later, following the introduction of creep feeding in mid-September.  Autumn-boun calves are weaned mid-July.  After weaning calves are transferred to the Beef Cattle enterprise.




Beef Cattle enterprise:

Breeds: Charolais, Limousin and Simmental crosses, also Friesian.

Housing: Slatted unit

Feeding: Grass and maize silage plus concentrates with a diet feeder

Finishing for beef:

Heifers from suckler herd:16-22 months old

Spring bulls from suckler herd: 15-16 months old

Autumn bulls from suckler herd: 18-19 months old

Heifers from dairy herd: at 21-24 months old

Bullocks from dairy herd: 24-26 months old