Wind Turbine

Gurteen College has installed a 50-kilowatt wind turbine beside its main campus.  Manufactured in Canada, and supplied and constructed by Renewable Energy Systems, the turbine should supply much of the College's elecricity needs.  The project was grant aided by Sustainable Energy Ireland and generously Co-funded by the Julia Trench Trust.
At the official opening of the Turbine by the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland, Mike Pearson, Principal of Gurteen College said; “The installation of the wind turbine at Gurteen College means we now will have significant amounts  of our  electricity requirements  generated on site.  Green technology is the future and we are delighted to get the opportunity to become actively involved in this emerging area and reduce our carbon footprint.
Other Energy efficiency projects are being planned at the moment including biomass fueled heating systems and use of insulation to reduce fuel use.  It is hoped that within 2 years this College will have reduced its total energy usage by at least 50%”
A video of the construction can be viewed on the RES website at