The National Equestrian Intervarsity Championship 2017


Congratulations to the Gurteen College Team that came third overall



The highlight of the calendar of Irish Student Riding, The National Equestrian Intervarsity Championships weekend was hosted by Queen’s University Belfast. The team have put in nights of dedicated preparation prior to the event, consisting of 20 excellent competitors, 4 keen supporters accompanied them. There are three disciplines in the competition run on a round system. Show jumping consists of 4 rounds of jumping in a field of 120 competitors. Four riders from different teams ride the same horse and the best rider on each horse goes through. The 1st and 2nd round are judged by clear rounds and also by the equitation. The rider with the best score on the same horse will move onto the next round. The 3rd and 4th rounds are judged by time and faults. In the 4th round there are two riders and they each ride the two horses that are in the final. The Show Jumping Team was James Andrews, Joanne Ridgeway, Jessica Howick, Billy Haore, Siobhan Smyth, Donal Buckley, and singles were Stephan Finn and Shannon Reilly

Congratulations to James Andrews, Joanne Ridgeway and Jessica Howick came 4th in the team show jumping competition.

Dressage had around 80 competitors from colleges across Ireland, is judged each team or individual against each other on a selected specific series of movements. There are 4 rounds of dressage with the 3 team riders all in the arena together for the 1st test. The riders progress onto the successive rounds by the best score on the same horse between the different riders who ride the horse in each round. In the final round there are two riders and both riders complete a test on both horses.  Dressage teams were, Emma Glynn, Billie Naessens and Stefan Cullinan, then Ashley Dunne, Holly Kemp and Grace Kerr.

Congratulations to Emma Glynn, Donal Buckley and Joanne Ridgeway advanced to second round of dressage.

Prix Caprilli, which is a one round competition and tests a riders ability to manage their horse’s gait, balance and jumping style. Riders work as part of a team of 3 and ride a dressage test which contains 4 jumps in the dressage arena also. This is scored as both a team and individual event. Prix Caprilli team were Mary Hutchinson, Micha Quigley, Maria Colfer , then Amy Lambart, Rebecca Uzell and Darren Shaw.

Congratulations to Maria Colfer, Micha Quigley and Mary Hutchinson came 2nd in the Prix Caprilli competition.

Thanks to supporting Principal Mike Pearson, Coaches -Tony Ennis, Aisling Deverell, Anna Camon and Damien McGuire with all Gurteen supporting Staff especially Maura Campbell Events Co-ordinator and all who contributed towards the fund raising J Special acknowledgement goes to Captain James Andrews and his team.



Equestrian Intervarsities involves a massive amount of organisation due to the nature of the sport. Major thanks to the IURCA  and also QUB (Queen’s University Belfast Equestrian Club) . Also to all at the venue –Lusk’s Equestrian Centre , the sponsors and horse owners along with everyone else who made the weekend possible. Congratulations to DU Equestrian Club for coming out on top!

Full results below:;oe=5930D850